Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Queen: Mikayla Huston (Photogenic, Appearance, Personality,    Horsemanship)
Queen Attendant: Megan Johnson

1st Princess: McKayla Jimmerson (Appearance, Horsemanship)
1st Princess Attendant: Daisy Sorenson

Aubrey Schafer- Personality
Madison Daniels- Photogenic

2nd Princess: Adilynn Coughlin (Photogenic, Appearance, Personality, Horsemanship)
2nd Princess Attendant: Dalli Holyoak

Miss Congeniality: Madison Daniels

Mikayla Nelson and 2013 1st Princess Mckinley Drake having a good time during Personal Interviews
Contestants playing the cup game after personal interviews


Left to Right Hailey Gibson, McKayla Jimmerson,
and Kelsey Jimmerson

Our PBR auditors. From Left to Right. Val Perkins, Trina Bliss
and Sherri Reber.  And keeping them in line Kylie Perkins:)

Left to Right
Megan Johnson & Mikayla Huston

Contestants warming up for horsemanship

Contestants during horsemanship

Madison Daniels getting ready to do her horsemanship

Adilynn Coughlin

Mikayla Nelson Doing her horsemanship pattern

Mckayla Jimmerson Doing her horsemanship pattern

1st Princess contestant Ashton Anderson and 2013 1st Princess Mckinley Drake
Lining up for awards

Dalli Holyoak 2nd Princess Attendant